France: Prison could be a «threat to all political dissidents in Europe» — Puigdemont

Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont attended his first parliamentary session in Strasbourg on Monday. In a press conference after the session, the former president said that «what is a threat to the Catalans or to Catalan MPs like Oriol Junqueras [today], tomorrow could be a threat to all political dissidents in Europe». He referred to the 13-year prison sentence Junqueras is currently... Еще serving, despite being recognised as an MEP. The former president also said that he «has not discarded stepping into Spanish soil» because «if immunity applies to all MEPs throughout the territory [of the European Union] without exception» it should also apply in Spain. He added that «everyone can understand that on a personal level we would like to embrace our families,” and that the first thing he would do if he could travel to Spain would be to «visit the political prisoners». Puidgemont fled to Belgium in October 2017 over the threat of possible arrest. Mandatory Credit: ACN Mandatory Credit: ACN


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