France: Preschool teacher Bussaglia hopes to inspire kids to follow their dreams

Elise Bussaglia, midfielder in France's national football team and pre-school teacher, discussed her relationship with the children in her class and how she wishes to inspire them to follow their dreams during a press conference in the outskirts of Paris on Tuesday. «I'll return to teaching probably in a bit over a year, now,» she said. «If kids want to talk about the World Cup, of course I'll... Еще talk about it and I'll try, whether it's with girls or boys, to tell them that they can dream and do whatever they want to do, be it football player, dentist, doctor or anything else.» She also commented about French President Emmanuel Macron's visit today to the training camp, saying he «told us to stay together as a team and not to put too much pressure on ourselves, or at least to turn that pressure into something positive. We have the same take on that, so all is well.» Bussaglia began teaching before signing her first professional football contract. While at PSG in 2011, she taught at a primary school and she is also a tutor for young athletes at the INSEP (National Sport Institute).

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