France: Politicans sleep out in the cold with the homeless of Paris

Journalist (French): «Is this the first time that you share the night with a homeless person?» Deputy Mayor (French): «I have been helping them at night with rounds, but sleep next to them will be the first time.» Journalist (French): «Does it make you happy sir that a deputy is [here]?» Homeless (French): «What would make me happy would be the result to come after that. Because I count on... Еще you, I count on our politics in power. I think, it appears like they taking things into consideration. I don't mind to squatting outside with all the deputies, all the elected, with Macron squatting in the streets, even with ministers, it isn't important, but who can actually feel what we feel, the misery about leaving us like that. I don't understand, I don't understand it. We are in 2018.» Around 50 elected officials spent the night on the streets of the French capital of Paris on Wednesday night, after the deputy mayor of Etampes Mama Sy called on elected officials to stand in solidarity with the city's homeless population. «It is out of the question that on Sunday the 6,000 person who had been sheltered, will go back to the streets,» Sy said, calling on the government to find a solution. After being asked if the move made him happy, a homeless person said to the media: «What would make me happy would be the result to come after that. Because I count on you, I count on our politics in power,» adding that he wouldn't mind squatting outside with French President Emmanuel Macron himself if that meant the he could feel their misery. 'Plan Grand Froid' (the Great Cold Plan) provides shelter for homeless people when the weather hits uncommonly low temperatures. Mama Sy and the rest of the deputies are calling for this plan to be extended.

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