France: Police use tear gas to quell protesting ambulance workers

Riot police used tear gas to disperse dozens of ambulance workers demonstrating against a new medical transport finance reform in Paris on Monday. Protesting ambulance workers demand the suspension of the new medical transport finance reform, which they say undercuts smaller ambulance companies. At least 100 ambulance workers used their vehicles to block a bridge leading to the National... Еще Assembly, with paramedics screeching sirens and blocking access to the square from Rue de Rivoli. Ambulance workers are demanding the withdrawal of Article 80 of the Social Security Finance Act, through which hospitals and clinics are able to choose their ambulance service providers via competitive bidding, and to pay for them directly. Previously, patients had the choice of preferred provider. According to the protesters, the new system would favour larger transport companies since smaller firms would not be able to compete on price.

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