France: Police turn water cannons on pension reform protesters in Nantes

Riot police tried to disperse dozens of protesters from Nantes' city centre as they took part in nation-wide demonstrations against French President Emmanuel Macron's proposed pension reforms. Footage shows police firing water cannons towards protesters as well as deploying tear gas to force them to leave the area. In Nantes police counted at least 2,800 yellow vest and trade union protesters as... Еще demonstrators moved from one part of the city to another, each time with tensions rising after riot police responded. The nation-wide strike, which started in early December, is one of the biggest to hit the country in years and has been affecting rail, road and air transportation. The action comes days after the government and unions resumed talks on pension reforms. The proposed reforms would see an overhaul to the current pension system and entail the creation of a universal pension system instead of the current 42 different schemes. While the retirement age will remain at 62 years, workers will have to work until the age of 64 to receive their full pensions.

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