France: Police intervene as PS4 deal draws huge crowd at Lidl supermarket

Police were called to a Lidl supermarket following a discount on PS4 gaming consoles that drew a large crowd of people on Wednesday in Orgeval, a commune in west of Paris. The new Lidl supermarket had earlier decided to celebrate its grand opening by offering the PlayStation for a price of €95 ($106), a significant discount from the usual prices for this gaming console which range from €260 to €300 ($292 to $337) in France. As early as late Tuesday evening, a large crowd began forming outside the store after the discount offer for the gaming console went viral on social media. This resulted in scuffles between police forces and several people outside the front entrance of the supermarket on Wednesday. Reports indicate that police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd. Faced with several hundred interested buyers and numerous scuffles outside the store, Lidl decided to withdraw its offer and postpone the store's opening.

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