France: Parisians react to Macron's proposed ban on 'fake news'

Parisians react to French President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement regarding a new legislation against the spreading of ‘fake news’ on Thursday. «The fake news, I think if he [Macron] framed them [those spreading fake news] with the penalties applied, since there are so many things that are not applied in this country, that it can be very good», said Jules, a local resident named Jules... Еще. Resident Dominique expressed her ambivalence, saying that she was “much divided.” While, for Romain there remained questions still to be answered. “I am curious to see how it will really go and what the consequences will be in case of fake news? Will we be banned from social networks, will they close sites?» he said. According to Janine, another Parisian, the presidential candidates are the first ones to make fake news and that they should be deposed of their duties “after they lie.” On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron announced a plan to implement harsher rules against the spread of ‘fake news’ in social media.

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