France: Parisians divided over Macron’s new anti-terror law

Residents of Paris shared their different opinions about the country's new anti-terror law on Tuesday. It had been signed by President Emmanuel Macron a day earlier. «I don't think this law is repressive» said Charles, a Paris resident, adding that these measures «only upset people who do wrong things.» For Jordan, a local who lives close to Paris' Bataclan Concert Hall which was hit by ta... Еще terrorist attack that left at least 130 people dead in in November 2015, the new measures are «a good thing», «even if we are always afraid that there will abuses.» According to Josette, France should «close the borders» and «not to let in all those people who come here, who come to kill us». Another Paris resident, Martin, said that the new measures would enable the police and intelligence services to be «extremely invasive». France has been under the state of emergency since November 2015, following the deadly Paris attack which left a death toll of 130 people. Last July, French President Emmanuel Macron announced his plans to lift the state of emergency laws by November 2017. The anti-terror draft law, which several critics claim possess similar measures as the state of emergency, will come into effect on November 1st.


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