France: Paris Mayor Hidalgo accused of 'self-promotion' after testifying in Charlie Hebdo case

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo spoke as a witness at the trial of 14 suspects believed to be behind the 2015 attacks on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket Hyper Cacher at the Court of Appeal in Paris on Monday. «Parisians did not come out unscathed,» Hidalgo said of the 2015 attacks. «I think that this testimony was also primarily that of Parisians.» The majority of defence lawyers — with the exception of two of them -reportedly exited the courtroom in protest. «The discretionary power is subordinated to a single objective that is the manifestation of truth. We do not see how the contribution of the mayor of Paris is useful in demonstrating truth,» said one of them. Dominique Sopo, SOS Racisme Association President, added, «As I have heard from certain defence lawyers, that Madame Hidalgo came to do self-promotion, I find it extremely indecent.» The defendants are facing a variety of charges over allegations they helped the perpetrators carry out the attacks that killed 17 people. Three defendants, who either fled or are presumed dead, will be tried in absentia.

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