France: Paris deploys police task force as country goes on lockdown

Authorities have started to check for a new document designed to regulate citizen movement issued by the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner, to slow the spread of coronavirus in the country on Tuesday in the French capital. Footage shows authorities stopping and asking for the document and vehicles being pulled over to present the document. «There's no distance, there's no well... Еще-defined rule, quite simply there is this paper. As the president and the head of state could say, everyone must take these measures and be mature enough [inaudible] to have the discernment to say 'no, I'm moving, I'm taking fresh air.' It’s really up to you, for now, we’re on this optic, that everyone becomes aware and each one of himself says to himself, 'yes, I’m going out to get some fresh air and now it's good, risk and I go back home',» a police officer explained to a biker. The document allows work-related trips when remote work is not possible, basic errands, health-related trips, compelling family reasons or assistance to vulnerable people and childcare, as well as short trips, near home, particularly related to individual physical activity and the needs of pets.

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