France: Paris Christmas market visitors reflect on Strasbourg attack

Tuesday's terrorist attack in Strasbourg did not prevent either tourists or Parisians from visiting the Christmas market set up in Tuileries Garden. Footage from Thursday shows police and other security forces were patrolling the area as visitors strolled through the Christmas market booths. Local and international visitors acknowledged the «risks» in visiting and the said they were aware of... Еще the prevalent state of high alert. «If we allow for the terrorists to prevent us from doing what we normally would do with our lives, that we are letting them win in the end,» said a tourist visiting from the US. «If something wants to happen, it can happen anywhere,» added another who said any 'normal' person might turn out to be a terrorist. The Strasbourg attack, which occurred near one of the city's famous Christmas markets, happened shortly before 20:00 CEST (19:00 GMT) on Tuesday and left three people dead and a dozen more injured. The suspect was named by police as 29-year-old Strasbourg native Cherif Chekatt, who reportedly has an extensive criminal record and was on a French government watch list of people who potentially represent threats to national security. On Thursday, French police announced it had 'neutralised' the suspect in an operation in the Strasbourg suburb of Neudorf.

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