France: Parent association defends freedom of expression following attack on teacher

The co-president of FCPE 93, a student parent association in Seine-Saint-Denis, defended freedom of expression in the wake of the killing of a teacher near the French capital on Friday night. «You would have a very poor system of education if it's one-sided,» said Anne Pieter in Champs-sur-Marne, on Sunday. «I think parents should not get involved in pedagogical affairs. It's not their field. And if they have an issue they take it with school, they don't take it to social media. Today I think everybody needs to come together to make the school a safe place again,» she added. The parent of a student was taken into police custody the day after the attack on Samuel Paty, the teacher who was murdered outside his school This father had complained on Facebook about Paty's lesson during which he had shown cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. «If there is no space for freedom of expression, then there is very little point to go to school,» concluded Pieter.

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