France: Over 700 refugees living in tent settlement near Metz, eastern France

Another day goes by for over 700 migrants living in Blida refugee camp, close to the city of Metz, Wednesday. Built on a parking lot, the camp opened in March this year to accommodate 300 refugees, however in its few months of operation the number of people has reached 700 with dozens arriving every week. The increase in asylum seekers placed the already overcrowded camp on the verge of survival... Еще as the inhabitants are battling with cramped conditions. Humanitarian worker Marissa says, «[There are] 6 to 7 showers for women, 6 to 7 showers for men. There is only 3 places to cook, you know cooking... places to cook. And I think there is about 10 toilets maybe a little bit more for 700 people. Knowing that the toilets and the showers leak underneath, and urine and everything else, the faeces go all over the parking lot where the children play.» Humanitarian organisations believe there is a better alternative to the tent settlement. «In Metz there are more than 7,000 places where people could stay; empty apartments as well as many places where the military used to be,» says Marissa.

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