France: Opposition questions govt. links to sacked Macron aid

The French National Assembly in Paris convened on Friday regarding the dismissal of Emmanuel Macron's aide Alexandre Benalla, after footage of him attacking protesters in police visor emerged on French media. Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet said that « certain interventions made on the text that in principle is part of today's agenda, state untruths,» with regard to interventions on Benalla... Еще case made by the opposition. Republican Pierre-Henri Dumont accused the government of «hiding behind the weekend» and of covering up the incident. «We have the service car that was given to this gentlemen (Alexandre Benalla) by Elysee in police colours and with all police insignia, the deleted video, today we had the detention, not only for this gentlemen but for his accomplices as well. We saw that he had accommodation in quai Branly, being directly linked to an Elysee dependency, something very rare for a council of this level,» Dumont said. Alexandre Benalla was the head of security for the president's engagements. On May 1 during clashes between the police and protesters man in police insignia was recorded grabbing a woman by the neck and charging her down the street. Shortly afterwards the same man returned and was seen attacking another protester. The man has been identified as Macron aide Alexandre Benalla. On Friday Benalla was fired and detained after the video went public. He faces charged of assault and impersonating a police officer.

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