France: Oleron forced to open a McDonald's after losing court battle

After a lengthy court battle, the municipality of the French island of Oleron lost a battle against American fast food giant McDonald's for opposing the opening of a store on the island, footage filmed on Monday captured the locals' reaction. According to the mayor of the island Gregory Gendre, the municipality is not in a «war of rationale,» but they are simply defending the program that... Еще elected them. «We were elected because we ran on a platform of ecological, environmental and social transition. The model proposed by this sort of commercial chain opposes that. So, we say that we don't endorse this model,» Gregory Gendre explained. The Bordeaux court of appeal decided in favour of the American food-chain by imposing a penalty of 105,000 euros to Oleron for refusing to allow construction for McDonald's ever since October 22, 2017. The residents of Oleron Island pride themselves with leading eco-friendly commercial activities, but when it comes to opening a McDonald's store, the opinions were divided. «Today McDonald's means creating more jobs, reviving the town,» says Phillippe Villa, who sold his land to the American fast food giant. For Amandine, a local resident, Oleron is in «a zone of commercial activity, so whoever wants to start a business, could do it.» However for Marion, McDonald's «it's a system of economic development that doesn't correspond at what we need today.» According to her, «we should instead encourage French or local businesses.»

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