France: Nun describes her 'miraculous' paralysis recovery after Lourdes pilgrimage

79-year old Sister Bernadette Moriau explained on Tuesday in a press conference in Beauvais how her paralysis was healed and she was able to walk without medical equipment for the first time in decades, after visiting the Catholic shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes on a pilgrimage in 2008. The incident has recently been recognised as the 70th miracle to occur at the shrine. Sister Bernadette... Еще described how she visited Lourdes on a pilgrimage in 2008. Whilst visiting the shrine, she suddenly felt a sense of «well-being, a relaxation” of her body. A short while after the visit to the shrine, a voice told her to remove her medical equipment. «To my surprise, when I removed the corset and splint, my foot was straightened. I could move it and I did not hurt”, explained Moriau. In order to recognise Moriau’s healing as “miraculous”, the Catholic Church relied on a medical dossier from the Lourdes Medical Bureau of the Sanctuary. Bureau President Doctor Alessandro de Franciscis explained some of the criteria in which this “miracle recognition” should be based on: «The healing must be unexpected, sudden, instant, complete — you see it 10 years later — and sustainable over time. And finally, the last important criterion, there must be no explanation possible. And again, we found a very broad consensus that this is an unexplained healing in the state of our scientific and medical knowledge.» On Sunday, Bishop Jacques Benoit-Gonin of Beauvais declared Mouriau’s healing the “70th recognised miracle associated with Lourdes”. Despite four operations, the nun had suffered from chronic sciatica since the late 1960s, a rare condition that affects the spinal nerve roots.

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