France: 'No peaceful world without stable Mideast' — Jordan's King in Strasbourg

King Abdullah II of Jordan said that a peaceful world was not possible without a stable Middle East while addressing lawmakers at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday. The monarch also warned about potential re-emergence of ISIS and another refugee crisis if Syria remains 'hostage to global rivalries.' «Syria may be out of the headlines with a suffering out of sight and out of... Еще mind. But the crisis is far from over. Over the past nine months, more than half-a-million people have been displaced, many of them already refugees. Do any of us in this hall want to see another Syrian refugee crisis unfold with all its horror and heartbreak?» King Abdullah said. He added, «Let me ask you, what if Libya collapses into an all-out war and ultimately a failed state? What if Libya is the new Syria, just much closer to the continent you all call home?» King Abdullah stressed the importance of the two-state solution for the Israeli and Palestinian people saying «one-staters are actively seeking to impose an unthinkable solution on the region and the world».

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