France: 'No epidemic' and no coronavirus circulating in France — health chief

French general director of health Jerome Salomon stressed there is «no epidemic in France, not even transmission chains within» the country, during a press conference on Monday in Paris, and said there was a telephone meeting between G7 countries to coordinate efforts with the World Health Organisation (WHO). «Approximately 13% of severe forms described by our Chinese colleagues among... Еще hospitalised people. An R0, meaning the contagiousness value, between two and three, meaning one initial case leads to two to three secondary cases when preventive measures aren't taken. And the appearance of breathing difficulties seem like a risk factor for an evolution to respiratory distress,» Salomon said. He added that the incubation period now seems to be between three and seven days and that there is «no particular measure to be taken for the general public.» France has six confirmed cases with one 80-year old Chinese man in intensive care as of Monday. None of the 216 people who landed in France on Sunday showed any symptoms of the newly found coronavirus 2019-nCoV yet after being evacuated from Wuhan. At least 362 people have been killed with more than 17,490 infected in China. More than 100 cases were confirmed world-wide across 27 countries, including Germany, France, the UK, Canada and the US. The Philippines announced the first death from the disease outside China.

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