France: New Caledonians turn down independence from France — Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron said the majority of New Caledonians who voted in an independence referendum decided to remain part of France, speaking from the Elysee Palace in Paris on Sunday. «There is no other path than that of dialogue» regarding the future of New Caledonia, Macron said during a televised address. «The state is engaged next to New Caledonia to guarantee the dignity of all... Еще the components of society throughout time, around the values of freedom, equality and brotherhood.» The 'no' vote to independence gathered 56.4 percent of votes with a participation of 80.63 percent, according to the Office of the High Commissioner of the Republic in New Caledonia. 174,000 people were reportedly registered to vote in Sunday's vote. The Pacific archipelago, east of Australia, was first claimed by France in 1853. A political settlement was promised after a violent campaign by separatists belonging to the native Kanak population. Mandatory credit on screen: Images TF1

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