France: Mums patrol streets for safer neighbourhood on NYE

SOT, Journalist (French): «How many were there last time?» SOT, Mariame Gassama, spokesperson of 'Capable Mothers' (French): «Honestly I don’t know, there are fewer and fewer, we have to report that, there are fewer and fewer, but one is already one too many, so, we want no more of that.» Some 20 women of the 'Capable mothers' initiative patrolled the streets of their neighbourhood in Aulnay... Еще-sous-Bois on New Year’s Eve, Sunday, to ensure that no scuffles broke out and no cars were burned. With orange vests, hot tea and a sunny disposition the determined mums marched down the streets of their neighbourhood until 4 am, making sure that peace and order were not disturbed. «No more scorched cars on the 31st of December», said the spokesperson of Capable Mothers initiative, Mariame Gassama. Another member of the group explained that by “talking”, violence could be prevented. The son of one of the ‘capable mothers’ explained how proud he was, saynig, “the only thing I can do is raise my hands and congratulate them really.» According to local authorities no incidents were reported over the course of New Year’s Eve in the area.

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