France: Mobilisation against CFA franc currency will be «independent and peaceful» — Activist Seba

Francophone Africa will face a «simultaneous transnational mobilisation» against the local post-colonial currency CFA franc as it brought people to be «persecuted and plundered,” stated political activist Kemi Seba, speaking in an interview with RT France, in Paris, Monday. «African civil society has never been so mobilised since the independence of Africa as against the CFA franc. I would like... Еще to develop and deepen this idea, adding that, for the first time since independence, we see simultaneous transnational mobilisation in francophone Africa for the sake of a common goal», said Seba. The political activist went on to say that his attempts at mobilising people against CFA franc «provoked a hysteria», since he is believed to pose a «grave threat to public order» in African countries. Seba mentioned that it is said that there are «signs of the birth of a new Arab Spring» across Africa. He, however, pointed out that the movement he organises will not be sponsored by external forces” but will be an «independent and peaceful revolution».

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