France: Migrants evicted from historical 'Bara home' decry living conditions

Migrants who were evicted from the historical 'Bara home' last year have been struggling with poor living conditions, footage filmed Wednesday in their current living quarters, a squat on Stalingrad Street showed. «We are 280 people, two toilets and honestly it’s horrible, it’s horrible and so we do not agree with the municipality that is doing bullshit, they brought us here. It's frankly not... Еще good, there are no windows, nothing at all,» explained Ali, one of the migrants. A member of the Youth Association of Bara, Bakari, said «it's like [we are] sheep, [this place is like] a hangar where they put sheep. But we are human beings, we don't deserve this place.» He further added that «everything that is happening in Africa is because of France. We fled war, misery, crossed Libya to come here. We live in unacceptable conditions. How can the French state help us, offer us to get out of this misery?» More than a hundred of migrants were evicted from the 'Bara home' last year and settled in the former headquarters of the National Agency for Adult Vocations Training (Afpa) in Montreuil. They were reportedly expelled from that building by the police last week and relocated to the squat.
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