France: Merkel calls to «urgently» revise Dublin regulation on refugees

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called to «urgently revise» the Dublin Regulation on refugees, while discussing policies to curb illegal migration from the African continent at a press conference in Paris, Monday. Merkel stressed that the Dublin Regulation «needs to be urgently revised» because she said «it does not offer a solution because it puts countries that are arrival-states at a... Еще disadvantage» and «because there is not enough solidarity» within the EU. The German Chancellor also said that in order to tackle illegal migration, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) needs to draw a distinction between refugees and economic migrants, in particular «clear distinction among the people who are coming to Libya for economic reasons and then also [among] those who go from there to Europe.» Commenting on the fight against illegal immigration, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni stressed that such «commitment must be Europeanised» because he said «it cannot be just the commitment of a single country or just some countries.» The Dublin Regulation states that refugees and migrants can only claim asylum in the first country they enter in the EU, potentially facing deportation should they try to register in another member state.
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