France: MEPs warn of 'Russia disinformation campaign' in Europe

Members of the European Parliament discussed Russia's alleged attempts to influence EU countries through disinformation and ways of protecting EU member-states from cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns in Strasbourg on Wednesday. «I invite the Vice President Mogherini and other EU leaders to balance their meetings with Lavrov and Putin with due attention to Kremlin’s attempts to weaken and... Еще undermine our democracies and alliances,» urged Latvian MEP Latvia Sandra Kalniete. The UK's Julian King meanwhile said that the Russian government is «not shy» about using «false data». «In Russia’s official military doctrine as well as statements by top Russian generals, they describe the use of false data and destabilising propaganda as legitimate tools and information as another type of armed force,» he stated. Bulgarian MEP Monika Panayotova suggested to fight alleged Russian influence through «democratic resilience, media literacy, tolerance and critical thinking,» while Finnish MEP Liisa Jaakonsaari proposed to follow Sweden's lead and create «psychological defence unit» tasked with rebutting fake news and propaganda.

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