France: March held in memory of teen allegedly killed in motorcycle crash with police car

Several thousand people took part in a memorial march in Argenteuil, Val-d'Oise, on Thursday, to commemorate Sabri Choubi, an eighteen-year-old man who died in the night between Saturday and Sunday in a motorcycle accident, which some in the community say involved a police vehicle. Many could be seen wearing a white shirt reading 'Light for Sabri', as well as protective masks in line with the... Еще safety rules against coronavirus. Sabri's family rallied behind a giant banner as they carried a portrait of the young man. The march was organised by the victim's father, Khalid Choubi. «Whenever a youngster dies while crossing the police, he has always the same profile: a racialised young man. So, we came not only to denounce what happened, to come together, but also to note that police violence always affects the same people,» said town councillor from the Parisian suburb of Seine Saint-Denis, Madjid Messaoudene, who was present at the march. Sabri Chouhbi reportedly lost control of his motorcycle and died after hitting a pole while he wasn't wearing a helmet, but many of his friends believe that a car of the BAC (national police service) which was in the same street caused the accident. His death provoked anger in the community and resulted in several days of clashes and tensions with police. Relatives of Choubi refused the possibility that the young man would have lost control while driving his motorbike in a poorly lit narrow street and stated his death was caused by a collision with a police car. However, according to local reports, the prosecutor's department said that the initial findings did not show Choubi's motorcycle had been in a collision with a police car. The family have launched a complaint through lawyers, hoping the circumstances of Choubi's death will be further investigated.

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