France: Macron warns of 'isolating nationalism' during Versailles 'state of the nation' address

French President Emmanuel Macron stated that the battle between «nationalists» and «progressives» will be «at the heart of the European Union parliamentary elections in 2019», which he said will be a «turning point» that «will define Europe's future.» Macron made the statement during an address to French parliamentary deputies and senators at the Palace of Versailles outside Paris on Monday... Еще. During the address, Macron stressed that «there is a battle going on that will define Europe's future, the battle between isolating nationalism and modern progressiveness.» Commenting on migration challenges, Macron stressed that «we can only live up to those challenges by uniting our forces with the countries that history made us allies,» before adding that «the true solution can only be found in European cooperation.» This is the second time that the president has convened the rare joint Congress session between the National Assembly lower house and the Senate upper house. Such gatherings are generally reserved for constitutional revisions and major presidential speeches.

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