France: Macron to decide on Syrian intervention after chemical weapons verification

SOT, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, presenter on TF1 (French): «So this could lead to eventual strikes?» SOT, Emmanuel Macron, President of France (French): «And fifth... When we will take the decision, and when we will verify all the information. And fifth, to prepare the future Syria, because it is the only way to pave the way for peace. So it boils down to guiding the transition towards a free regime... Еще, where all the minorities are represented.» *BUG AT SOURCE* *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* French President Emmanuel Macron said that France will decide whether to intervene in Syria once it has verified information about the alleged chemical weapons arsenal held by the Syrian government, in an interview with TF1 in Berd'huis, Thursday. «When we will take the decision, and when we will verify all the information,» Macron said in response from French broadcaster Jean-Pierre Pernaut about possible airstrikes against the Syrian government. In the same interview, Macron also said that France has 'proof' that Bashar al-Assad's 'regime' used chemical weapons only 'last week'. The French president added that the coalition will continue fighting terrorists, while ensuring evacuations will be carried out through humanitarian corridors. He explained that his government's aim in Syria is to guide 'the transition towards a free regime', not specifying whether Bashar al-Assad is part of the coalition's plans.

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