France: Macron slams French intervention in Libya

French President Emmanuel Macron criticised the French and foreign intervention in Libya on 2011, speaking before the Assembly of People's Representatives in Tunis on Thursday. The French President criticised that France decided to «intervene from the outside» and «without having, for some time, a political project or a few projects for afterwards.» He took a swing at Europe, the US and other... Еще nations that formed a coalition against the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi saying that they bare an «indisputable» responsibility for thinking «that we could substitute the sovereignty of a population in order to decide for his future.» He accused Europe and France of collectively plunging Libya «six years ago in anomie without being able to regulate the situation,» and that «the impact on Tunisia was direct.» To conclude, Macron promised to put all of his energy to the purpose of achieving «political stability in Libya.» In 2011, France was the first country to back the National Transitional Council when the West militarily intervened in the country, leading to tens of thousands of Libyan deaths and the country to break apart. French aircraft were send to Libya and conducted military strikes against Gaddafi’s forces in a move that was flagged by many nations as immature.


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