France: 'Macron's little poodle' — Yellow Vests protest against govt and new PM Castex in Paris

Yellow Vests activists marched in Paris, on Saturday, protesting against the government and the appointment of the new French Prime Minister Jean Castex. The protesters exhibited numerous placards and banners denouncing French President Emmanuel Macron and his government, while marching from Levallois Metropolitain Anatole France to Gare du Nord. Bernard, a protester, said, «Macron's little poodle is Mr. Castex [Jean Castex, the new French Prime Minister]. He's the one who's going to do nothing, he's going to do what the president is going to tell him to do.» Marie-Jeanne, another protester, said, «What we think is that they [the government] can change for any prime minister, it will not work. What we want is direct democracy, we no longer want elections. Election is corruption, it's lies, it's seduction. That's enough. We want another world, a world without corruption.» Nanou, another protester, added, «Are they [the new government] going to change anything for us? Are wages going to go up? Are taxes going to go down? Are we going to be able to buy our groceries? Are we going to make ends meet? I don't think so.»

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