France: Macron has not 'chosen protection' against coronavirus — Le Pen

French right-wing National Rally (RN) party president Marine Le Pen criticised the French government's response to the coronavirus outbreak, during a press conference in Calais on Wednesday. «According to actions, I do not think that the President of the Republic has chosen protection, as other countries have done, which closed their borders due to the circulation of people from affected regions... Еще, who made available general practitioners in emergencies, masks in stock,» she said. «I want to ask the question and know if the few tests that are carried out in France, unlike in other countries such as Germany that widely tests its population, is it a political, strategic or health decision, or if it is the consequence of a shortage that the government does not want to talk about?» Le Pen also criticised France's immigration policy, as she backed Marc de Fleurian, the RN candidate for mayor of Calais, a city which has drawn global media attention for its migrant and refugee encampment called Calais Jungle. Le Pen's older sister, Marie-Caroline Le Pen, is running for city councillor as part of de Fleurian's team.

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