France: Locals react to Macron's 'great debate' letter to appease protesters

Locals in Paris reacted to the recent move of French President Emmanuel Macron who published his letter to French people a day earlier, in a bid to appease «Yellow Vest» protesters, Monday. In his letter, Macron outlined topics for the «great debate» including: taxation, the organisation of the state, protection of the environment, issues of the citizenship and democracy. The French are... Еще expected to voice their opinions on the issues in local town halls or in the internet, with the debate expected to last till 15th of March. «I’m not sure it will give much result though, because talking truly it might complicate the debate even more, it is worth a try anyway», said one of the Parisians Andre. Another local Yves agreed that the debate is not a bad idea. The 'Yellow Vest' movement, which started in November, was initially called in response to the French government's planned fuel tax hike. The protests quickly widened into a general expression of anger with the status quo.

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