France: Lille residents react to Mayors' letter to stem migrant flow

immigrants, it is a question of humanity and respect for the rights of the human being.» not with immigrants, who come from another country.» Residents of Lille reacted to a letter submitted to the government by seven mayors in France on Tuesday, asking to stop immigrants coming to France. Some residents were of the opinion that France should increase the amount of money spent, while some... Еще called on France to take care of its own people first. «I think the state does not do enough, we're happy receiving the Olympic Games, we made a special law for that, but if we have money for Olympic games we can receive immigrants with dignity and take care of them; and at the same time be firm in the rules for migrants,» pointed out one resident. The mayors who wrote to French President Emmnuel Macron to cease immigration were from the cities of Lille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Rennes, Toulouse and Nantes, stating that the current influx of thousands per month is causing a social emergency.


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