France: Le Pen takes aim at Macron as she reveals upcoming FN reinvention

Leader of the National Front Marine Le Pen attacked the policies of French President Emmanuel Macron's policies and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, calling her party «the only glimmer of hope for France,» in the north-eastern village of Brachay, on Saturday. Le Pen criticised Merkel and Macron's immigration policies, alongside Former French Presidents Hollande and Sarkozy, stating they are... Еще «guilty of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean, guilty of the terrible tragedy awaiting France and Europe, guilty of the terrible tragedy awaiting France and Europe, submersion, destabilisation and chaos.» Speaking to an audience of 500 Le Pen set out a course of reinvention for the National Front, following her defeat in the Presidential elections in May. She announced that «the new organisation will have a new name» chosen with the help of FN supporters, she added they intend to become more decentralised, as well as forming political alliances «with those who have not renounced the nation, France and freedom.»


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