France: Le Pen endorses Revel for Nantes municipal elections

French far-right Rassemblement National (RN) party president Marine Le Pen attended a press conference in Nantes, on Thursday, where she endorsed the RN head list candidate Eleonore Revel for the 2020 French municipal elections, saying she could crackdown security issues in the city. «We hope that Eleonore will succeed to be part of the council here in the city of Nantes, and she will fight for... Еще all the residents. I'm also sure that the mayor won't be happy to see you in the city council because you will be the one that will remind her that the residents and residents of Nantes have the right for security. I know the security situation in Nantes is catastrophic,» said Le Pen. «Our priority is clear: the fight against the lack of safety, and to remind the citizens in Nantes the lack of safety will be worse because of the illegal immigrants. There is a direct connection between illegal immigration and anarchism. If they want to allow this situation to continue, they could vote for Roland or any other candidate that has the same perspective. But if they want to change this situation, there is only one list that fights for this cause, which is the list of Eleanor Revel,» she added. The 2020 French municipal elections are due to take place on the March 15 and March 22.

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