France: Le Pen claims terrorists should be ‘tried and executed’ in homelands

Marine Le Pen, President of the right-wing populist party the ‘Front national’ (National Front), delivered a speech to her supporters in Fontenay-Tresigny on Saturday, as part of her tour around the region of Seine-et-Marne. «[French President Emmanuel] Macron proposes a society where terrorism is a risk with which one must live» she said, condemning the new anti-terror law that Macron passed... Еще this week. The new law was designed to dial down the state of emergency which France has been under for the past two years. Referring to Islamic terrorists arrested in France, she claimed that they should be «tried by Syrian or Iraqi authorities, according to the laws of the countries they have violated, and too bad for them if it's the death sentence.» Le Pen is currently campaigning in order to re-brand her party in an effort to attract more voters.

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