France: Le Pen calls for border controls amid Italian coronavirus outbreak

French far-right Rassemblement National (RN) party president Marine Le Pen called for border controls to be instituted in France due to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, while visiting the the Paris Agriculture Fair on Tuesday. «We speak of an epidemic in Italy but we do not speak about all the people who cross the border without being checked,» Le Pen said. She continued, saying that «Almost... Еще all the countries which are close to a country where there is an epidemic, close, control their borders, all without exception, except us, once again.» Le Pen also expressed disappointment at what she described as «unfair» American competion hurting French farmers, claiming that EU free trade agreements will result in the death of the French industry. «We know very well that the American standards are obviously very, very very below the standards that are imposed on our farmers by the European Union» she stressed. The Paris Agriculture Fair showcase each year livestock and traditional seasonal products, drawing thousands of people and politicians.

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