France: Juncker claims EU’s «great problem» is lack of knowledge

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, speaking at the Institute of Political Studies in Strasbourg on Monday, said the greatest problem facing Europe is the lack of knowledge of the life of others. After stating that one must not confuse EU and Europe, Juncker defined “the great problem” of both entities as the “mediocre knowledge, almost null, that we have of the life of... Еще others.” Juncker mentioned the EU’s immediate neighbours as an example by asking the audience “What do we know of the Kazakhs? What do we know of the Uzbeks? What do they know of us? Nothing.” Juncker delved into self-criticism by stating that that EU institutions do not engage in “official communication because we think we are the teachers of the world,” before warning that Europe’s status as global economic power could very well diminish in the coming years.

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