France: Hungary a 'sore loser' after Article 7 vote — MEP Sargentini

Dutch GreenLeft MEP Judith Sargentini held a press conference in Strasbourg on Wednesday, following the European Parliament's decision to trigger Article 7 against Hungary over accusations of failing to guarantee European values. The report drafted by Dutch GreenLeft MEP Judith Sargentini accuses the government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban of breaching EU values, and calls for the... Еще opening of the Article 7 procedure which may ultimately lead to a member state losing its voting rights in the European Council. At the press conference following the vote, Sargentini thanked those who supported the motion, adding that it was a «a very responsible move to make.» She defended the results of the vote as «clear and sound» and said that anyone who claims otherwise is a «sore loser.» The Sargentini Report accuses Budapest of press freedom restrictions and cites UN concerns regarding allegations of migrant abuse by Hungarian border authorities, among other charges. The Hungarian government claimed the EU was taking revenge on it with the draft report because of Budapest's contrariety to the bloc's migrant quotas.

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