France: Hundreds rally in support of Yellow Vest who lost an eye

Hundreds rallied in Valenciennes on Saturday, in support of Manuel C., a Yellow Vest who was blinded in one eye by a projectile allegedly fired by the police on November 16, during the 53rd weekend of Yellow Vests protests. Yellow Vests were seen chanting slogans and clapping upon Manuel C.'s arrival by car. «It feels good, because you see that the family is here. The family is here; we are all... Еще united,» said Manuel C., before adding that he is expecting «retributions» for what happened to him. «They have to stop coming at us like this every weekend. We have the right to demonstrate, it's a French right, we have the right,» he continued. Footage also shows police officers with shields backing down as Yellow Vests are walking towards them and booing them. Manuel C. was in Paris last Saturday during a Yellow Vest protest. Social media footage shows him talking with people, when suddenly a projectile hits him in the left eye. According to media reports, an inquiry has been opened. NO ACCESS FRANCE; MANDATORY ON SCREEN RT FRANCE LOGO

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