France: Hundreds rally against govt. decision to push through pension reform

Hundreds of protesters rallied in Paris on Monday against the French government's decision to push through its pension reform bill by decree without a parliamentary vote. Footage shows demonstrators with banners and union flags on the capital's Place de la Republique. «We don't want this government anymore. There has frankly been no democracy. It's not possible, we fight against the pension... Еще reform, he hears that people are not happy, [that] the people say no to his reform, and he continues, he is stubborn,» said Christine, one of the protesters. «When you provoke 30 million workers like this, necessarily, sooner or later, the explosion will happen and it will be brutal,» said another protester. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe employed Article 49-3 of the French constitution to «end the non-debate» over pension reform, according to reports. The government's pension reform bill, which ignited one of the largest waves of protests in French history, began being debated in the National Assembly on the 17th of February. The reform aims to unite 42 specific pension regimes into a single points-based system.

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