France: Hundreds protest in support of arrested nurse

Hundreds gathered in Paris, on Wednesday, to protest the arrest of a nurse during clashes at a demonstration on Tuesday. Farida C., a geriatric nurse at a Val-de-Marne hospital, was arrested for assaulting a police officer in a video which circulated on social media showing her being grabbed by the hair and held against a tree, before being carried by several police officers while in handcuffs, asking for her asthma medicine. She was seen throwing stones at police moments before her arrest, as clashes broke out during a health workers demonstration, with police using tear gas on protesters. «Sadly what happened yesterday was not the first time we see police threatening, stopping people from trying to peacefully leave a demonstration,» said National Assembly member Daniele Obono. «Whether it's during the Yellow Vests demonstrations or the demonstrations against pension reforms we find ourselves with a right to demonstrate which is no longer guaranteed.» «At some point, there was a freak-out, because when we're being gassed, that we're seeing people getting grabbed and beaten, and we're seeing people being mistreated, with all the mistreatment we suffer on a daily basis from this government, which isn't doing anything for hospital workers, it's understandable that at some point, that's it,» said Marize, one of the protesters. According to Farida's daughter, Imen Mellaz, she was released half an hour before the end of her 24-hour police custody, on Wednesday afternoon.

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