France: Hundreds of police denounce mural against racism and police brutality

Around 200 police officers from the National Police Alliance union gathered outside the Seine-Saint-Denis police department in Bobigny a northern suburb of Paris on Monday. «We ask that at least one sentence, the sentence at the top of the mural, be removed. What bothers us is the amalgamation of racism and police violence. It should not be generalised. We cannot be attached to these words systematically,» said Jessie Eygonnet, the assistant regional secretary of the National Police Alliance for Seine-Saint-Denis, outside the police precinct. The protesters were seen gathering outside the police precinct waving National Police Alliance banners, or just «Alliance» as the union is also known, as they called for the mural Frenchman Adama Traore and American George Floyd, who both died in police custody, with the writing «against racism and police brutality,» to be amended. «The police are not racist and the police do not use illegitimate violence. You have to compare what is comparable, « said Alliance executive officer Frederic Lagache after the members of the union filed the complaint in the precinct. Adama Traore died in police custody in July 2016, after being arrested while riding a bike with his brother in Beaumont-sur-Oise, a small town north of Paris. According to reports, he died after complaining about difficulty breathing.

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