France: Hundreds join white march for 42-yo man who died after police arrest

Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Paris on Sunday in memory of Cedric Chouviat, a man who died on January 5 after being arrested by police. «Cedric's case is one more, one too many, which shows that unfortunately in France, some police officers do not respect the rules of ordinary arrest. We know that he went to work, he was not a brigand or a bandit, it was not at night, there... Еще was no danger for the police, they were three strong men, and not, they practiced what is called the ventral tackle which we strongly question, and he died,» said National direction of Human Rights League member Alain Essmory. At the vigil, Chouviat's wife and mother thanked the attendees for their presence and sympathy, as well as one of the family's lawyer, who said they are setting out on a quest for justice to ensure this does not happen to somebody else in the future. Footage of the arrest was shared by French media and shows how the 42-year-old's legs shook as he was being pinned to the ground by officers near Paris's Eiffel Tower on January 4. Chouviat died in hospital a few hours later of cardiac arrest and autopsy reports showed signs of asphyxiation as well as a fractured larynx. The family's lawyers accused authorities of wanting to cover-up their wrongdoings, with the death being the result of a 'culture of impunity'. Chouviat's death follows the death of Adama Traore in 2016, who died in police custody and whose lasts words were allegedly: 'I can't breathe.'

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