France: Hundreds join far-right Generation Identity march 'against Islamists' in Paris

Hundreds of members and supporters of the far-right Generation Identity movement marched through Paris on Sunday, under the slogan «Against Islamists, we defend France.» The protest comes one week after a crowded rally against Islamophobia. After the deadly attack at the Parisian police headquarters on October 3, the far-right movement called on supporters to take to the streets and denounce... Еще jihadists and all those who support them. «We do believe that all Muslims are obviously not Islamists but that all Islamist attacks are carried out in the name of Islam, and we do believe that non-Islamist Muslims and Islamists are both part of a danger to our civilisation, which is Islamisation. Hence, the Islamist danger is safety related, (let's say the danger of a) violent death from an attack, and the danger of moderate Islam is the propagation on our land and within our society of habits, customs, ideas and practices that are not ours and that we reject,» said one protester. Generation Identity, the youth wing of the French based far-right organisation 'Bloc Identitaire,' was founded in 2012. The group has chapters across Europe and was classified as right-wing extremist by the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in 2019.

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