France: Hundreds demand ban on fossil fuels ahead of 'One Planet Summit' in Paris

Hundreds attended a protest in Paris on Tuesday, to demand the abolition of fossil fuels, hours ahead of the 'One Planet Summit' held in the French capital by French President Emmanuel Macron. The demonstrators gathered early in the morning on Pantheon square and performed three different energy-themed choreographies that demonstrated the struggle to get rid of fossil fuels and move to eco... Еще-friendly sources of energy. «The idea is to show that of course it is good to invest in climate change and in transition, but before all that we have to divest the money that is invested today in fossil fuels» explained, Marion Rivet, an environmental activist. For a spokesperson of Attac organisation, Maxime Combes «this summit is not satisfactory, neither in terms of de-engagement from fossils fuels and structures of the past, nor in terms of new engagements for financing the energetic transition.» Emmanuel Macron is hosting the ‘One Planet Summit’ with a focus on mobilising and financing low-carbon projects and accelerating climate change solutions.

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