France: Homeless migrants battle harsh winter conditions in Paris

As many as 60 homeless migrants were battling the extreme cold close to Jaures metro station in Paris on Monday. Despite the inhumane conditions in the French capital, the migrants were still hopeful. «I am here with a smile. I keep up my confidence. I tell myself that one day it will change,» said Ibrahim, an African migrant. Members of the association Exclu Solidaires have been... Еще distributing hot meals among the homeless every Monday. «We have families of four or five with children in one tent in winter,» Camille, a volunteer, explained. Despite the situation, some migrants still found the conditions better than in other European countries. «When you apply for asylum in France they give you 400 euros (US $493), a place to sleep and live, everything is perfect, [but you get] nothing in Italy. Italy gives you the residence permit only and then tells you to go away from my country,» a Pakistani migrant said. After the death of a third homeless person in the city, authorities have activated the 'Cold Weather Plan' which entails the opening of 2,684 accommodation units, including 1,751 for the homeless.

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