France: 'He was very kind, very sociable' — Neighbour of alleged Trebes attacker

Neighbours and acquaintances of Redouane Lakdim in his hometown Carcassonne commented on the capture of the Super U supermarket on Friday, in which he was the suspect and which led to the death of him and three hostages. One of the respondents described Redouane as «very kind, very sociable, adorable.» His acquaintance said that the alleged assailant of the attack «was appreciated by all the... Еще neighbourhood groups» and suggested that he has been «humiliated» by the local police. According to the respondent, Lakdim wanted to «become a soldier, he was super muscular and motivated, he was among the best,» but his application was declined. «Redouane wanted to integrate, he came to tell me: Look, they do not want me to integrate into the country,» he added. The attacker took a number of people hostage in the supermarket before it was raided by police.

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