France: Germany has 'vital interest' in investing in Europe — Gabriel

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel stated that it is in Germany's «vital interest» to invest in the European Union and not in countries like China or the US, speaking to French ambassadors at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in Paris, Wednesday. «We sell 60 percent of our goods to the European Union, and not to China or the US,» affirmed Gabriel. «So it's in the German interest... Еще to invest in the European Union, because — so to say — our vital interest is that, only when our European neighbours are doing well, then also our country does well,» he continued. Speaking on China, the foreign minister said that if the European Union is not able to develop its own strategy with a view to China, «China will succeed in dividing Europe.» Gabriel then touched on the current European economic situation and pointed out that, «if now most economic indicators point upwards again after a long time, we need to use the opportunity to show again in the Eurozone — but also more generally in Europe — that we are in the condition to improve the working and living conditions of the people.» Gabriel's speech to the French ambassadors was preceded by a meeting with with with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and French President Emmanuel Macron.


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