France: French Trade Unions protest cuts to housing benefits

most of the time precarious. So we are defending the right of the unemployed, and precarious persons, as well as solidarity, with those persons.» French Trade Unions and their supporters gathered in Paris' Stalingrad Square, Saturday, before marching against planned reforms to lower housing benefits (APL) by €5 ($5.95) a month. Protesters claim that the cuts, part of French President... Еще Emmanuel Macron's reforms of the labour market, will hurt the poor and unemployed the most and exacerbate poverty levels further. CGT Representative Mr. Yanick M. asserted that «we are here to demonstrate for our rights, for unemployed people and poor people. It is unacceptable that in a society like ours, we have to be assisted, and that there is this much misery in our lives.»

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