France: French policy on 'Islamic fundamentalism' is the 'strategy of an ostrich'

President of far-right Front National Marine Le Pen denounced the policy of the French government in its fight against «Islamic fundamentalism,» calling it «the strategy of an ostrich» during a press conference at the National Assembly in Paris, Tuesday. Le Pen attended the joint press conference alongside Egyptian MP Abdul Rahim Ali, to talk about the problem of militancy in Europe and its... Еще financing. The Front National leader stated «We have the feeling that the French government is in the strategy of an ostrich. We put our heads in the sand so as not to see the immensity of the danger that is no longer on our doorstep, but inside of us.» «Who finances these fundamentalist Islamist movements? Where does the money come from that allows them to have premises, to create schools, to arm themselves, especially in front of our French army in the Sahel,» she added.

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